OSI Group


OSI POLAND FOODWORKS is one of the national representatives of the American company OSI GROUP, operating in markets around the world for over 100 years. The OSI brand has an impeccable reputation around the world, being synonymous with the highest-quality beef. For breeders, OSI POLANDFOODWORKS is a consistently reliable and respected partner in everyday activities.

The Polish production plant is located in Chróścina, near Góra (the border of Lower Silesia and Wielkopolska provinces). It is one of the largest slaughterhouses and deboning plants operating in the Polish market in the processing of beef.

OSI POLAND FOODWORKS acquires cattle (bulls, cows and heifers) at three major purchase points throughout the country. OSI offers cattle breeders the highest standards of service, reliable payment options and a contracts system allowing for the stable development of cattle breeding, leading to higher purchase prices.

The plant sales offer consists of: carcasses, quarters and culinary cuts of beef (beef steak, entrecote, chuck etc.), including long-maturing beef, valued especially in the HoReCa segment.

Biuro Zarządu / Zakład produkcyjny/ Księgowość:
OSI Poland Foodworks Sp. z o.o., Chróścina 3 a, 56-200 Góra
Adres rejestrowy: OSI Poland Foodworks Sp. z o.o., Al. Jerozolimskie 202, 02-486 Warszawa