OSI Group

Over 100 years of history of the OSI GROUP!

The OSI GROUP was founded in 1909 in Chicago, USA. Today it is a global company, with more than 60 facilities 


OSI FOODWORKS POLAND – part of the OSI GROUP - specializes in the slaughter and production of beef. It is presently one of the largest slaughterhouses operating on the Polish market. Monthly production levels exceed 1400 tonnes of beef.

Over 40% of production is performed by the sister company, OSI FOOD SOLUTIONS (in the province of Warmia and Mazury), a global provider of hamburgers to fast-food chains. OSI POLAND FOODWORKS is utilized primarily as a production base for European OSI GROUP, selling the remainder of the production mainly to foreign customers. Some of the beef is in the form of fresh cut meat but you can also find our products with the largest national distributors of cured meats and sausages and the HoReCa channel.

Due to the high production potential of the plant along with its high quality and standardized cuts, a OSI POLAND FOODWORKS products are found on the shelves of the retail chains operating on the Polish market. The plant is also a supplier of beef products to major FMCG.


The global range of actions enables the OSI GROUP to offer customers global solutions in the production and supply of various types of meat. As a result, the portfolio of customers is the world's leading FMCG players and the best-known processing brands.