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Over 100 years of history of the OSI GROUP!

The OSI GROUP was founded in 1909 in Chicago, USA. Today it is a global company, with more than 60 facilities 


OSI POLAND FOODWORKS has become the official sponsor of Seweryn Kubicki – the originator of the project called ‘Walker– On foot through all of the Polish backwoods’ („Piechur – Pieszo przez wszystkie Puszcze w Polsce”), the aim of which is to promote naturally wild areas of Polish backwoods and active forms of spending free time. The project has gained in popularity to such an extent that National Geographic decided to take over the media patronage for this initiative.

I am creating my adventure together with Dariusz Mitręga who infected me with passion for survival. Thanks to him I took part in a range of survival training which helped me survive my first expedition. It was in the backwoods of Noteć (152km marched through in 30hrs).We walked it through together with Survival Team-says Seweryn.

There are so many beautiful places in Poland in which the time seems to stand still and which are unspoilt and untouched by civilization. It is not only in Europe that our green areas are well-known. It is our obligation to boast about them constantly! It is our treasure... – he emphasizes.

After a few years of survival trainings it is the 9th backwoods that we have explored and checked on our ‘Walker– On foot through the Polish backwoods’ project’s entire list. And there are as many as 24 in Poland. My inner calling is meeting people with passion on my way, with whom we will infect more and more people with spending free time in an active way and doing sports. – he adds.

Not only does Seweryn walk, but he also loves running. Thus he has taken part in marathons and mountain ultramarathons (for example: 3 times Śnieżka peak equals Mont Blanc). Moreover, he organizes night marches and hiking tours, to which everybody is invited to join in.

Updates and reports coming soon…


The OSI GROUP is dedicated to building and developing production facilities in the key markets of the world for its customers as needed. Therefore it expands its global production and distribution capacity, combining the knowledge of the local market with its understanding of global business principles. It makes meeting the diverse needs and preparing offers tailored precisely to the expectations of each of the recipients easier. That's why the OSI GROUP is one of the leading global suppliers of meat.