OSI Group

Over 100 years of history of the OSI GROUP!

The OSI GROUP was founded in 1909 in Chicago, USA. Today it is a global company, with more than 60 facilities 


The mission of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS is the production of high quality beef on the basis of assets and partnership relations with breeders who - thanks to the transparent rules of cooperation, honest financial conditions and market valuation of raw material - are able to shape the development of their own farms in the long term.

The company carries out the mission primarily by providing growers a contract system that provides additional subsidies to market valuation of raw materials and allows sustainable development of animal breeding. Thanks to the audits of farms participating in the scheme contract, OSI POLAND FOODWORKS obtains control over the quality of raw beef purchased at the early stages of the animal life.

As for supervising the quality and safety of meat production, OSI POLAND FOODWORKS uses a four-stage system. It guarantees maximum safety and quality of food. More about the quality policy:

Through the implementation of its mission, OSI POLAND FOODWORKS contributes to the mission of the OSI Group as a whole, ‘being an indispensable and reliable Partner and Supplier’. This allows the Group to successfully realize its vision, ‘which is a global key factor for any food supplier who partners with leading global brands.


The OSI GROUP is dedicated to building and developing production facilities in the key markets of the world for its customers as needed. Therefore it expands its global production and distribution capacity, combining the knowledge of the local market with its understanding of global business principles. It makes meeting the diverse needs and preparing offers tailored precisely to the expectations of each of the recipients easier. That's why the OSI GROUP is one of the leading global suppliers of meat.