OSI Group

Over 100 years of history of the OSI GROUP!

The OSI GROUP was founded in 1909 in Chicago, USA. Today it is a global company, with more than 60 facilities 


OSI POLAND FOODWORKS is one of the national representatives of the American company OSI GROUP with production facilities in 17 countries, employing over 20 000 workers.

OSI POLAND FOODWORKS was formally established in 2010, when the OSI GROUP decided to extend their activities in Poland by purchasing the slaughterhouse of pigs and cattle in Chróścina (the border of Lower Silesia and Wielkopolska provinces) from a Polish investor. The plant had operated under the name of "Wędmas.”

As a result of a sizable investment, the plant has been specialized towards slaughter and processing of cattle. Thanks to the implementation of quality standards throughout all areas of production, the OSI Group slaughterhouse quickly gained the certificate of IFS FOOD 5.0, and recently IFS FOOD 6.0., the latest International Food Standard system confirming compliance with the highest safety standards possible in food production.

Production activities began in 2011. In the first year 32,000 heads of cattle were processed for a total of 4000 tonnes. However, a breakthrough took place in 2012, when production was increased by 50%, resulting in the slaughter of 48,000 cattle and the deboning production of 7000 tonnes of beef. 2013 was, in turn, marked by another significant increase in the cutting of beef totalling 13000 tonnes. During this period, employment increased from 40 to over 240 production staff.

Today OSI POLAND FOODWORKS is one of the largest slaughterhouses and deboning facilities operating in Poland, controlling more than 7 % of the purchase market. Monthly production levels reach 5000 heads of cattle and the cutting process results exceed 1400 tonnes of beef.

Being primarily a production facility for the European division of OSI GROUP, OSI POLAND FOODWORKS sells beef mainly to foreign customers. The plant is authorized for extensive export.

The stability of the plant guarantees its presence in the global sales networks of the OSI GROUP. The OSI Group provides strong organizational and capital support for the rapid development of the plant. As a result, OSI POLAND FOODWORKS is able to dynamically increase slaughter and effectively expand its market share.

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The OSI GROUP is dedicated to building and developing production facilities in the key markets of the world for its customers as needed. Therefore it expands its global production and distribution capacity, combining the knowledge of the local market with its understanding of global business principles. It makes meeting the diverse needs and preparing offers tailored precisely to the expectations of each of the recipients easier. That's why the OSI GROUP is one of the leading global suppliers of meat.