OSI Group

Over 100 years of history of the OSI GROUP!

The OSI GROUP was founded in 1909 in Chicago, USA. Today it is a global company, with more than 60 facilities 


Due to the significant increase in production, OSI POLAND FOODWORKS is constantly looking for suppliers of high quality cattle!

Why cooperate with OSI POLAND FOODWORKS ?

The stability of the plant guarantees its presence in the global sales networks of the OSI GROUP. The OSI Group provides strong organizational and capital support for the ambitious development plans, enabling the OSI POLAND FOODWORKS to dynamically increase slaughter and effectively expand its market share. OSI Group guarantees the financial credibility of the Polish branch.

Being part of a global concern, the plant uses its cultural experience, offering breeders the highest standards of service, reliable payment options and a contracts system allowing the stable development of cattle breeding , which leads to higher purchase prices.

The mission of OSI POLAND FOODWORKS is the production of high quality beef on the basis of assets and partnership relations with breeders who, thanks to the transparent rules of cooperation, honest financial conditions and market valuation of raw material are able to shape the development of their own farms in the long term.

Cooperation with us means:

  • Short payment terms!
  • Reliable slaughter procedures!
  • Own transport!
  • Three purchase points - (Lower Silesia Province, Cuiavia and Pomerania, Warmia and Mazury)!
  • World Standards of Cooperation!
  • Contract system that allows the stable development of farms!




The OSI GROUP is dedicated to building and developing production facilities in the key markets of the world for its customers as needed. Therefore it expands its global production and distribution capacity, combining the knowledge of the local market with its understanding of global business principles. It makes meeting the diverse needs and preparing offers tailored precisely to the expectations of each of the recipients easier. That's why the OSI GROUP is one of the leading global suppliers of meat.